Here at Debonair we have over 25 years experience with using the sage accountancy packages. It's due to this experience that we can offer all levels of consultancy, help and information on all aspects of the sage accountancy packages.

The help we can offer can be split into 3 main areas. These are

  1. Installation
  2. Inital Setup
  3. Training 

Each of these area's are covered in full in their own section shown below.


We can help with the installation of sage from the smallest (i.e. one stand alone PC) to the largest (an entire corporate network installation). We have helped various small and medium sized companies with the installation of sage.

We have installed all versions of sage accounting software from version 3.xx up to and including 2017. The installations have included single pc based installations and medium (10 clients and 1 server) network based installations.

The installation itself is covered by the following phases:


This is where we speak to the customer to identify what they want from the installation. From this we will create our recommendations.  The consultant that created the information will then speak directly with the customer to run through our recommendations.

Once both parties are happy then we'll agree a price for the work and from there the next phase is started.


Once a start time is agreed with the customer we will start work on the installation of sage. In all cases we'll try to install sage without causing any downtime/stoppage for the customer although in certain circumstances this may be unavoidable.

Our consultant will go through the entire installation from start to finish. This installation will take part on each and every pc/server that is required to have sage installed on it. Once the installation is finished we will move onto the next and final phase of the installation

Post Installation

Once the installation has finished we will document the installation that we've done so the customer can have a copy of this installation for their records.

As well as this record of the installation we will go through a full System Acceptance Test (S.A.T.) in which we firstly test the installation ourselves and then go through each part of the installation with the customer proving that each part works as they wished it to.

If the customer wishes they may use our services for the initial setup of sage which is where sage is setup ready for their own accounts.

Inital Setup

We can help with the initial set up of your sage software. Sage accounts software needs to have an initial setup done after it's installed to get it ready for use by your accounts department.

This initial setup is done with information from yourselves and your account. This initial setup is completely tailored to each company and thus the requirements change each and every time but as an example of the pieces of work involved are listed below:

  • Opening Balance(s) set up
  • Invoice layouts and templates
  • Month End Procedures


We also supply training onsite for sage accounts packages.




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